Private Stores

At Landsman Uniforms, we recognize that in the food service, hospitality, and medical industries, time is of the essence. We try to save our customers time whenever possible.

What is a private store?

It is an online uniform store set up specifically for a particular group. Employees can access a private store and view the exact uniform they need. Private stores eliminate confusion and misunderstandings and ensure that employees get the correct uniform apparel, footwear and accessories every time.

Private stores are completely customizable. Employers can set up private stores to allow employees to shop by:
  • Department
  • Job function
  • Location (perfect for large companies like medical groups that have multiple facilities)

At Landsman Uniforms, we proudly offer personalization, embroidery, and decoration services, and we can set up private stores with these services as well. If you'd like the logo or name of your company to be imprinted on all uniforms, we will make it happen! The Landsman Uniforms private stores offer varying levels of security.

Private stores can be made accessible to the general public, perfect for companies who want their employees to have a designated private store, but who also would like the public to be able to purchase their promotional apparel and accessories.

Private stores can also be password-protected, accessible only to those who are given the proper login information.Finally, our private stores allow for a number of payment options.

Employees can pay using their own credit card or employee allowance, or we can set up payroll deduction. We can also bill the employer using purchase orders.

If you're interested in setting up a private store, please call us at (609) 909-1000 or email;

We look forward to providing you and your employees with this time-saving service!